About Us

Sandy Ruben and Associates represents leading specialty toy and children's product lines to retailers throughout the southeast. As industry veterans, our goal is to find the best products to fit your store. We are here to provide advice and support to help you grow your business.


  • Sandy Ruben

  • Tom Darnell

  • Katherine Hodges

  • Don Smith

  • Valerie Bernstein

  • Misty Audish

  • Rachel Jones

  • Dee Senter

  • Catherine Coury

  • Daryll Gunter

  • Gabriella Araujo

  • Christina Posso

  • Karen Bortle

  • Chris Lowe

  • Kirsten Ruben

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Building 2, Suite 780A

40 John Portman Blvd, NW

Atlanta, GA 30303

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