Jill Walters (Head of Sales) and I feel extremely validated by our decision to switch to Sandy Ruben and Associates. It’s been amazing so far!
— Cheyanne Huke, Wholesale Sales Manager, Crazy Aaron's Puttyworld
I appreciate their professionalism, enthusiasm and fun outlook on the business while getting things done.
— Corey Funkey, VP of Sales, Smart Toys and Game
You guys are my ace sales group!
— Nick Zawitz, VP, Tangle
The most wonderful rep group in the whole world.
— Loretta Potapenko, Museum Retail Solutions
As a tiny, new game with almost zero brand awareness, TENZI needed much more than a few reps to show it here and there. We needed a team who had tons of experience where we had none. We needed a team to be passionate brand evangelists. We needed a team who believed in TENZI as much as we did.

Lucky for us, we go all that and more with Sandy Ruben and Associates. They have been an integral partner to our success.
— Steve & Kevin - TENZI
You are an outstanding Rep and Rep Principal - - and have developed a great Group. You are the role model for how Reps can be Partners with their Retailers and their Manfacturers.
— Bill Bordegon - Former North American Sales Manager at The Orb Factory and Past President of ASTRA
Your team is a blast!
— Angie Holmstrom - Director of Sales at MW Wholesale
Your group is very impressive.
— Ed O'Brien - Owner of B4 Adventure
We don’t go to any other toy vendors at the Atlanta Gift Show because the products Sandy Ruben and Associates have are the best. The reps are phenomenal. Everything I have bought I have reordered. They have the best showroom.
— Sara Keltsch - Monogram Shoppe and More - Fort Wayne, IN